Weekly check-in #5

Published: 07/28/2019

Hi and welcome again!

Let's get going.

What did you do this week?

Last week I was fixing bugs and errors in the landing page code. I finished with that(almost). I had a really hard time, because I created a lot more errors while fixing a few errors. But Finally, I don't remember how but I fixed those. Well, I still need to do a few more adjustments but its fine. Also, I wrote the code for the cheatsheet and its almost ready.

What's coming next?

After I finish with the Landing page and cheatsheet, I will create a Mockup for the documentation page of EOS and later I may have to implement it too. Those are some later plans.

Did you stuck anywhere?

Yes, yes I was stuck for a long time here, when I was fixing the landing page. Man, I don't know how but some vs-code extension played with my code and created some .map files on its own. And keeps on generating those files automatically every time I use gulp. That was a pain but eventually, I was able to fix that!