Second Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 06/09/2019

Hello everyone and welcome to my second blog.

Its been two weeks since the coding period started and this is getting more interesting. The first week was all about just thinking and thinking because I had to figure out a completely new design for our website and that's why I was not able to do much and hence wasn't solving any issues or helping in other related stuff. But this second week was a bit different, not only I completed two main wireframe design prototypes(one for the EOS Icons landing page and one for the cheatsheet where we will have all the icons) but also after we had our weekly meeting I helped one of my mentors with the EOS game that we are working on. We discussed new levels and features of the game and how we can use p5js for that game.

Till now I am having a great time and I think this whole journey will be lifechanging and also I would learn a lot of things here.

Thanks for reading :)