Weekly Check-In #10

Published: 08/09/2021

Figma Plugin

There is new UI for Figma now, We have options to select category, and the themes available. There are helper texts, and no network calls, making it work completely offline now. We added helper scripts to update the data eveything a new package is released for npm, and the package is using the latest version of EOS Icons react package, which included the breaking change of having SNAKE CASE. I would be adding tests once the UI becomes final and we freeze it. And we would be having 2 complete packages for Figma and Adobe :).

Adobe Plugin

I worked with the mentors, and added the clear functionality, and updated the EOS Icons react package to use SNAKE CASE. There was a PR to wrap all functions with useCallback to improve the performance and prevent unneccessary renders or copy of them on the component updates. We are moving towards the end now, and I would like to publish the work soon now. :)