Weekly Check-In #9

Published: 08/02/2021

We are approaching the end now. And I am glad to share that the Adobe extension is ready now.

Adobe extension

We now have 100% coverage for all the files. I have added tests for each of the files. The UI is frozen now, and it looks awesome. We implemented the tests using Jest, and I learnt a lot while reading through the docs. I mocked quite a few things, and all the static files. The only file which couldn't be tested was the App.js which was importing the Adobe inbuilt APIs, so couldn't be tested in isolation. I plan to add codecov this week, and increase the documentation a bit more to help newcomers get started on the project.

Figma extension

The revamp is almost ready now waiting to be pushed. I am cleaning up the code now, squashing more bugs, and making the UI a bit more response. It really looks awesome, and I am looking forward to sharing it with my mentors.