Weekly Check-In #2

Published: 06/15/2021

This week, I am finalising the design and structure of the Adobe XD plugin. I created a PR to add Eslint to the repo. This checks the files on every commit and during the merge process. React props is added to the repo to check the props types on each component. This would improve the types and will catch more errors during the build time. I removed some of the redundant files and implemented CI checks. Yarn is completely removed from the repo with all the scripts using npm now. I also worked on the improving the UI of the app. Icons are now present after every search, giving it a better visual feedback. The 'Copy to Clipboard' button is now disabled by default, and only is clickable once file is found, and fetched. This completes the entire fetching cycle. The UI can be further improved and I am working on it now. I struggled a bit with implementing Eslint in the repo. It was tricky to implement, as some files required the same format for a successful build. There were globals present and it created issues with the imports. I went through the documentation, and learnt about globals in webpack, and implemented exceptions in ESLint to finalise it.