Weekly Check-In #3

Published: 06/24/2021

This week, my first PR post GSOC got merged :tada: . I implemented Babel in the repo to add import export syntax than the original require syntax. This brought a bit more consistency in the syntax across the org repos. There is a new UI for the plugin now. I have been working on migrating the Figma plugin for the EOS Icons to React. The original implementation is in html and JS. This would allow a bit more customizations, and stylings. The plugin would be moved to Typescript :tada: and react (tsx, I am waiting..), What is coming next? The figma plugin is coming some. The initial react structure is done, and only few bugs remain. I would try to squash them as soon as possible, and a new plugin awaits Figma. Did you face any issues? Yes, I got a bit confused with the figma APIs. I had to go through the documentation a bit more, but was finally able to get some sense out of it.