Weekly Check-In #5 (19th Jul - 26th Jul)

Published: 07/27/2020

So we have almost reached the second stage of evaluation , and the past month did go surprisingly fast. 😅

What did you do this week ?
So fixes were made to handle the long and short scale used by different locales. Additionally normalization of the input text was needed to specifically handle accents in numbers. All these changes were approved and soon would be merged.
I also worked a bit on the PR of incorporation of this code with the date-parser library.

Did you get stuck anywhere ?
Nothing major as such , I was experimenting a bit with different functions to normalize the text , as they needed to work on a large variety of languages.

What is coming up next ?
The plan for the next week is to wrap this up and get a first version out. Thereafter, I will discuss with the mentors to either add additional support to this library ( Ordinal Numbers and Decimals) or move to incorporation.