Weekly Blog #5 (26th Jul - 2nd Aug)

Published: 08/03/2020

Hi all , we have released number-parser v0.1.0 out. smiley  link
This was the primary goal of this project so really happy to get it done. This week was mostly spent in finalizing the version release which primarily involved creating a detailed README and minor bug fixes. Me and my mentor also discussed the plans for the last month and we have laid down an ambitious plan and hopefully we can achieve it. The two major goals for the last month is as follows :-
  1. Support for Ordinal Numbers - Currently only cardinal numbers are supported however wrt to dates we generally see ordinal numbers being very common. (First , Second , Tenth etc ). The implementation for the same will be very similarly structured , in the data files we will have the dictionary words for ORDINAL_NUMBERS and a similar logic should work out. 
  2. Integration with date-parser - Once a basic version of cardinal numbers is supported the goal would be to incorporate it with date-parser. This would lead to date-parser having number-parser as a dependency. Since date-parser is a very highly used library already , it's important to ensure that nothing is broken by this merge.

I hope to get these two goals done in the upcoming weeks , I am really thankful to my mentors for the continuous support that has allowed me to grow as a programmer. They have also ensured that the past two months were really smooth and a lot of fun !!