Week 4 : Working on the UI

Published: 06/29/2020

Hello there! Here's a quick update on my work this week, and then I'll hop back to it :P

What did you do this week?

I had designed a UI Dialog Box which opens on the press of a button. You could add the KML files to it, remove it , order it .. the works. However, as things go in development, the mentors suggested changes; the UI should be incorporated in the original UI. I was a bit sad, but I still made the changes. Now the UI looks good, and I admit, there wasn't much need of an extra UI element haha. (Listen to your mentors fellas!)

What is coming up next?

Some functionality is still left; Individual customization , loading multiple files and more! I will work on it, and hopefully be done with this section of my work by the end of the week!

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I am currently stuck at the Load push button. Its supposed to load all checked files, but its only loading the last checked file. Maybe its an overwrite situation, maybe something i overlooked? Stay tuned to hear more!

Update : Fixed it!