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Final Words

Published: 09/01/2020

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Thank you Python Software Foundation for giving me this incredible opportunity. I got to learn a lot of new things and made several good contacts.
I hope to continue contributing to my organisation. Looking forward to what life throws at me next.

Super signing off!

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Final Blog GSoC 2020

Published: 08/24/2020

We are in the endgame now. Haaha!

The past few months have been amazing. The discussions and the long distance collaboration has given me a completely new perspective of the technology industry. I don't have much to say about this week. Spent most of my time working on small bugs here and there and optimising the code. I did not face any issues. I'll continue to work on small details of the project in this last upcoming week.


Signing off!

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Final Check In GSoC 2020

Published: 08/17/2020

Hello all!

So, I am into the final week now and what a ride it has been. Haaha!!

The last two weeks have been mostly about completing the left over work in creating a most viable product. There were a few issues that were noticed as well. Me and my partner have been actively working on resolving all of them as well as adding small features here and there. Last week saw us working a lot on Error Handling and Security of our web application. I also worked on integrating React-Hook-Form which provided form validation at several places. Modifying the existing forms to incorporate this was a little tricky but the end result was worth the hard work. Apart from this, like I said earlier I have been working on migrating to the new UI as provided by my mentors and I think the progress there is decent as well.

I did not face any issues, and am looking forward to finishing up the project in the best possible manner in the coming few days.

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Weekly Check In #6

Published: 08/10/2020

Hello all!

Finally the last stage of GSoC is here. I think a most viable product is ready leaving out a few bugs which are being worked on right now.

The last week saw a lot of work and several PRs got merged. The major highlight was a feature modification in the New Story page. I had created a search dropdown on this page. What it basically did was, when a user tried to add a title for his new story, the existing stories were searched using this text as keywords and the relevant results were shown. Now, I got a new design for the way these results were supposed to be shown whose implementation was a little tricky because to achieve the desired result I had to make changes to elements in the DOM based on change in screen size. It took some time but I was able to achieve the required functionality. I employed useLayoutEffect React hook to add the relevant event listener. Apart from this I worked on resolving several bugs and added minor components in existing UIs. One such fix was on the My Stories and User Profile page where the stories were not getting displayed because the StoriesList component (that is used for displaying the stories) was updated to require more input parameters.

I did not face any issues this week and as the deadline approaches I'll be working on incorporating the final UI that has been given to me.

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Published: 08/03/2020


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Hello all!


It has been a crazy week work wise. Right now, I am looking forward to receiving the second part of my GSoC stipend. Got a few things in mind to buy. Haha!!


The best news is that I’ll finally receive a design soon (probably within this week). Once I receive this I’ll have to revamp the entire product to meet the design requirements which seems like a humongous task right now, but I think it will be fun. So, let’s talk about what I did work wise. Until now, the Change Password functionality wasn’t implemented so I did that. For implementing this I first had to add a route to the Change Password Page on the user’s profile page. This was followed by creating a page for this. Creating the page did not take up a lot of time because I had already built the Authentication module, so it was simple copy pasting and changing a few things here and there. Apart from that I have created a Notification Dropdown which required a few additions. A View all notifications feature was added to the existing dropdown. Also, there was a small inconsistency in the dropdown UI that was noticed by one of the mentors which I fixed. While doing that I was able to refactor the SCSS a little bit leading to removal of some unnecessary code. I also added a You agree to these Terms and Conditions option on the Register page. Overall the week was quite active and I had fun.

I wasn’t working on anything this week that required any additional reading so I did not get stuck anywhere. But as well know, working with SCSS is quite tricky so while writing the code I did get stuck but after a few trials I was successfully able to complete my work.

Most of my time in this final phase of GSoC’20 will involve revamping the UI based on the design provided and I’m looking forward to it.

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