Final Check In GSoC 2020

Published: 08/17/2020

Hello all!

So, I am into the final week now and what a ride it has been. Haaha!!

The last two weeks have been mostly about completing the left over work in creating a most viable product. There were a few issues that were noticed as well. Me and my partner have been actively working on resolving all of them as well as adding small features here and there. Last week saw us working a lot on Error Handling and Security of our web application. I also worked on integrating React-Hook-Form which provided form validation at several places. Modifying the existing forms to incorporate this was a little tricky but the end result was worth the hard work. Apart from this, like I said earlier I have been working on migrating to the new UI as provided by my mentors and I think the progress there is decent as well.

I did not face any issues, and am looking forward to finishing up the project in the best possible manner in the coming few days.