Weekly Check In #6

Published: 08/10/2020

Hello all!

Finally the last stage of GSoC is here. I think a most viable product is ready leaving out a few bugs which are being worked on right now.

The last week saw a lot of work and several PRs got merged. The major highlight was a feature modification in the New Story page. I had created a search dropdown on this page. What it basically did was, when a user tried to add a title for his new story, the existing stories were searched using this text as keywords and the relevant results were shown. Now, I got a new design for the way these results were supposed to be shown whose implementation was a little tricky because to achieve the desired result I had to make changes to elements in the DOM based on change in screen size. It took some time but I was able to achieve the required functionality. I employed useLayoutEffect React hook to add the relevant event listener. Apart from this I worked on resolving several bugs and added minor components in existing UIs. One such fix was on the My Stories and User Profile page where the stories were not getting displayed because the StoriesList component (that is used for displaying the stories) was updated to require more input parameters.

I did not face any issues this week and as the deadline approaches I'll be working on incorporating the final UI that has been given to me.