Blog Post #4

Published: 07/20/2020

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Hello all!


The second evaluation is now quite near and I am a little nervous about it. 

Okay, so let us talk about what I did over the past few weeks in detail. The comments component is still under development. Me and my partner are still thinking about the best way to go about it. Multiple big PRs got merged in the master branch last week. Two of them were related to User Profile. I worked on creating two profile pages. One is the My Profile page, which will only be visible to an authenticated user. This page houses all the relevant details about the user, like their profile picture, their bio, username, email id, about information etc. and options to change/update these. The other is a more general Profile page which will be present for each user and anyone can open this page up. This page houses the relevant details about that particular user as well as all the stories that he/she has submitted. Creating these two pages based on the design and making them responsive was a little tricky and challenging but I was able to do it with help from my mentor. Once the UI for these was ready, it was the time for adding the relevant backend logic to these pages which was taken up by my partner Aditya. 

Apart from the Profile component, I worked on some UI fixes. My partner Aditya added a few features to pages which I then styled based on the theme of that page. Also, there were a few bugs here and there which I was able to point out and fix. By the end of the week, I thought that it would be relevant to add a Loading Animation in the UI wherever some Backend fetching is taking place. I looked up different ways to achieve it and finally decided on using a package called react-promise-tracker. After understanding how the package exactly works, I tried to add it in the existing code base one by one. After several tries I was able to create the functionality I was looking for and after a little review by mentors I finalised the design and put up a PR. A lot of the features are yet to be implemented or are half implemented so I’ll work on those in the upcoming week and probably finish up with a MVP before the 2nd evaluation.