Weekly Check In #5

Published: 07/27/2020


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Hello all!


The last week went a little slow for me. I had a college thing  to do apart from working on this project which took up some of my time.

I was talking about creating a loading animation in last week’s blog. Happy to say that the feature was accepted by the mentors and the PR got merged. I think we are on the right track, and an MVP is almost ready. Apart from this I worked on little things. A few modifications were required on the Story page. My partner Aditya added backend logic for the voting mechanism and then I created a relevant UI for it. Also, the layout was a little inconsistent so I worked on perfecting that. After a few discussions we decided that we’ll have a Product specification as well, i.e. stories can be related to different products so I added the relevant dropdowns on the different pages and then Aditya took up the work of adding the logic.

I did not face any issues over the past week and I am looking forward to what’s coming up next. I might be getting a new design for the entire platform soon, so I’ll probably work on that.