First Blog GSoC 2020 (Weekly CheckIn #1)

Published: 05/30/2020

Hello all!

This is Devesh Vijaywargiya, a final year undergrad at IIIT Hyderabad, India. I’m working as a student developer in GSoC 2020 in Python Software Foundation (Sub Org: EOS Design System)

The community bonding period is over now, and I’d love to talk about what I did in this period.

Majority of my time was spent on learning the React framework (or library) in depth so that I do not face any issues when I actually start with the coding. I received a design template from my mentors for the first module that I will be working on, and we had a good discussion about the nuts and bolts of implementing it. Some PRs were made as well. I set up the base directory structure for my repository and also added configuration files for JSDocs, which I will be using for documenting my code.

As planned, I have my first task in hand. I will be working on the Authentication Module which will include creating a React frontend with pages having Login, Signup and Forgot Password functionalities. This will be followed by working with my partner on this project (Aditya Sharma, who is handling the backend aspect) to insert the relevant API endpoints for all the communications with the backend.

Most of my work during the community bonding period was seamless, but to get a head start I started working on the coding aspect for the authentication module where I faced an issue with making the UI responsive. By responsive I mean that the users should be able to access the portal on any device of their choice and the UI should look perfect. To achieve this, I am using MediaQueries to change the CSS based on the size of the screen in pixels.

That’s all for now.

I’m looking forward to 3 months of coding and collaborating.