GSoC 2020 Blog Post (#1)

Published: 06/08/2020

Hello all!

The coding period officially started last week and me and my partner Aditya Sharma began working on our project. Like I said earlier I was working on the Authentication module and that’s what I did. A design (which was created in AdobeXD) of what the expected end product should look like was given to me, which I used as a reference while writing the React code.  I started with setting up a React application using the "create-react-app" bootstrap method. This was followed by adding a bunch of dependencies ranging from router requirements, axios method for backend communication, linting and formatting checkers etc. My partner had done this previously so he helped me in setting up all of these. Once the directory structure was set up I began working on the authentication module. As I mentioned in my last blog post I started working on the Authentication module in the community bonding period itself, so I had a basic version of the module ready. Main thing that I had to do now was to make the interface look like the one I received as a part of the design. This involved writing SASS (which is basically like CSS) for the different pages and components. I also spent a lot of time on making sure that my UI was responsive and adaptable on different screen sizes. I submitted a PR for the same which is currently being reviewed. Mentors have been very helpful and quick in their response towards my work. Their comments on the PR are insightful and I am working on resolving the issues pointed out by them.

I was stuck at a few places this time around. The UI was responsive but it still had a few minor issues regarding overflowing of the text on resizing. It took me some time but I was able to resolve these issues. Other than this, my logic for the interaction with the backend (i.e Strapi) was not working for the Forgot Password page. We (myself and Aditya) decided to remove the logic from the code for this PR and work on it separately. 

Once this PR is approved, I’ll move forward with creating an option that can change the text-language for the portal. This was present as a part of the design given to me and currently I am trying to evaluate what is the best way to implement it.

Thanks for reading.