GSoC 2020 Blog Post (#3)

Published: 07/06/2020

Hello all!

It has been over a month since the official coding period began and the first evaluation just got over. Just received a message saying 900$ have been deposited in my account. It is an amazing feeling and I can't describe how happy I am right now.

The product finally got a name last week. We chose 'User Stories' as the name of this product. This was followed by changing the code to say 'User Stories' instead of 'Feature Requests'. Every submission will basically be a 'story' and not a 'request'. Over the past two weeks I have been working with creating and viewing a new story. Me and my partner have been working on multiple pages that will fetch content from the backend in a particular format and display it to the user. Also, there is one page called 'New Story' page will be used to create the new stories. This page is now complete with all the backend connectivity and we have been testing it. Apart from this, based on discussions with the mentor I worked on creating wireframes for a few more pages. We decided to add a 'My Profile' page which will house all the information about the user (Profile picture, username, email, about etc). There will be two types of user profiles. One that the user opens up and can change the content that is being shown and the other is when some other user opens up your profile where they can see the information about you as well as your 'stories'. I worked on creating designs for this and after a few rounds of discussions they were approved. I have also been working on a 'My Stories' page but that is still under discussion so I'll probably talk about it next week.

I did not face any issues this time around. The only places I got stuck were related to the backend connectivity and a few calls with my partner resolved all of them. 
Like I said, I'll work on the 'My Stories' page this week and complete all the backend logic for the other pages.