Weekly Check In 3

Published: 06/29/2020

Hello all!

It has been about 4 weeks since the official coding period started and the first evaluation is here. The entire month has been productive and I am having a lot of fun.

This last week I was mainly working on the New Request page. As discussed with the mentors I first worked on creating a wireframe for this page using AdobeXD. After a few rounds of discussions the UI was finalised and I started working. One by one I created the different types of inputs that the users will be offered when they access this page. Simultaneously I was working on adding styles for these elements as well. I tried my best to reuse the existing SCSS 'classes'. While doing this I ended up refactoring the entire SCSS. Basic idea in mind while refactoring was to make sure that the styling becomes as generic as possible and a standard styling is followed for all elements of the same type across the project. Apart from this, based on discussions with the mentors, we decided to add a Rich Text Editor instead of the traditional textarea for users to describe their request. This would give a better user experience. My partner Aditya took up the job of adding this element and he did a fantastic job. While I Aditya was working on the Editor I was working on making sure that the page is responsive and can be used across devices having different sizes. 

I was comfortable with the work I did this last week and did not face any issues or got stuck anywhere.

Now, we will be working on completing the backend connectivity for the New Request page. This will be followed by testing the page by making a few dummy requests and viewing them in the backend. Also, I would work on displaying the requests in the frontend and other aspects associated with it.