Weekly Check In 2

Published: 06/15/2020

Hello all!

It has been about two weeks into the official coding period and I think they have been pretty productive.  Previously I worked on setting up a few things that will enable me to toggle between different languages in my Frontend, so this last week I worked on implementing this feature across the Authentication module I was worked on before. Apart from this I worked on resolving a few UI issues present in my Frontend. These were minor issue relating to colouring and positions of different components. Majority of the last week was spent on designing what the pipeline for the portal will look like. This included creating a simple wireframe initially and then creating a Mock UI using AdobeXD. I along with my mentors and partner (Aditya Sharma) had a good discussion over these and I kept on incorporating all the suggestions. 

I did face a few issues regarding positioning of a few elements but my mentor gave me a few suggestions and then I was able to sail through.

Right now, I am waiting for my PR with the language toggling feature to get approved. Also, once the design for the pipeline is finalised I will start working on creating the user dashboard.