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Week 0: Entering Coding Period

Published: 05/30/2019

Hello all, I am Anveshan Lal and during this GSoC I will be working on ‘Updating Geographical Plotting Routines’ for Mission Support System.

What did you do this Week?

I looked into the codebase of MSS and after discussion with my mentor I divided the parts of code I will be working towards. Also, I read up the documentation of Cartopy and played around with the relevant Geodesic functions required by the codebase through the help of Jupyter Notebooks.

What is coming up next Week?

Starting this week I will be migrating the server side code of MSS to Cartopy package and will complete that task by next week.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I had some doubts in how to approach and start making changes to codebase which were resolved during a voice-over meeting with my mentor. Other than that I do not have any major blockers regarding my project currently.

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