2nd Blog Post

Published: 07/06/2019

sorry, For the late post. But in this Post I am going to explain what I had done between 10th June to 24th June 2019.  I started from where I left, I added the update functionality but using my own function which is causing redundancy in code base. I developed a strong concept of javascript generator function. After having generator concept understanding gatsby-source-plone code base become very easy. I refactored my code and use the existing generator function for creating the node. During these period I think I read every page of gatsby docs, each and every method it provide and how we can use it. It is very hard task to read all the api exposed by gatsby and remember them and use them whenever it needed. I have to read API details each day but I feel myself lucky because I have a strong understanding how Gatsby works inside.

After the implementation of update now I moved towards updating the modified node. Whenever a node is modified in Plone CMS I received a websocket events containing the modified node id and its parent id. I have to recreate the modified node and its parent node. It is a lot of task. But I have implemented it just in a week. I work almost 8 to 9 hours per day to complete this feature.

Adding the modified feature I feel very relaxed and self motivated because I have completed 2 milestone in 2 weeks which is a big win for me. Then I started with my third milestone that is handing the delete node. I had to remove the node which is deleted in Plone CMS. I received the similar websocket event as above a node id which is deleted and it parent Id. I also implement this feature in a week. But this time I struggle a most because I encounter a error which I didn't understand why it is happening. The error is related to deleting the folder. Deleting folder gives me continuous websocket event for its child. when I am trying the fetch the parents of child, It is already deleted from the Plone CMS. I got an error, after talking to mentor I figured out Implementing try catch block and changing some logic. At this time the first evaluation started I am hoping to get passed it easily :)

Thanks for reading if you find anything interesting please! comment. Happy to hear your feedback :)