3rd Blog Post After First Evaluation

Published: 07/08/2019

I successfully passed the first evaluation, Hooray! So after first evaluation I started working on issue related to the permission based update of node. After the addition of create, modified and delete feature I encounter with another problem now I have to handle the node based on permission. Plone CMS provide the feature of making field public or private. If the field is public then we have to create the node otherwise we don't. When a field is changed from private to public we get a websocket event modified and I have to handle this case into modified case. For handling this issue I have to change the logic of modified event and I am able to do it after some hard work. Then I started working on updating the Plone Collection after a long silence from the Plone CMS. It is done because we don't have currently any feature that we can detect whether a Plone collection is changed or not. After learning how polling is done I implemented it successfully. I learned how we can use SetTimeout and how we can reset it. After reading the documentation on MDN and helped from my mentor I successfully Imlemented it. Now I am working on test for the added feature of previous month.


Auto Updating Plone Collections


Removing and creating field based on Permission


Thanks for reading! I am happy to hear any feedback :)