Weekly CheckIn 6th

Published: 07/14/2019

What did you do this week?

In this week I started writing the test for the gatsby-node API. I read lot's of documentation regarding jest because our previous test is written using this framework. I also do some research regarding the unit test and converting our whole source code into typescript. But we came to the conclusion that first, we write a unit test for all the function and if time permits we devote our entire time working rewriting whole source plugin. I have written a test for makecontentNode function which converts the fetched content into Gatsby Node.  You can see the pr below 


What is coming up next?

I will try to test all the code which is written in gatsby-node.js. so, we can accept more test to come in next week.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

I faced some difficulty regarding setting up mock data for the test but fetching up some Plone CMS API I am able to gather the test data. Other than that I am having a good time :)