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Post 2

Published: 06/04/2023

I worked on the following PRs:

  • Continued work on list pop (1845)
  • Tuple concatenation (1865)
  • List reverse for nested iterables (1866)
  • Support increment operator for dictionaries (1843)
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Post 1

Published: 05/27/2023

I am working on the project - Implementing and improving advanced data structures, with mentor Gagandeep Singh.

Currently I am working on improving the list data structure by adding more function and fixing issues. Further, functions are being created using the IntrinsicFunction architecture. This helps prevent registering new nodes in the grammar for each method.

Some PRs that I have worked on

  • 1676: Add list count
  • 1703: Add list index
  • 1758: Add list reverse
  • 1805: Add list pop

I am also working on issues related to other data structures such as dictionary, tuple, etc. raised on the repository.

In the next weeks, I plan to continue working on these features, and later implement other data structures.

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