Weekly Check-In #7

Published: 07/25/2019

We have come to almost the end of the second phase. We are now spending time on the last few features that needs to be implemented and also the bugs that have come up in the recent past.

First of all we fixed bugs as usual. One of them was giving permissions to the users for adding notification blocks to their pages. We had implemented before GSoC even started but forgot to give permissions to any new user. Also, we were having issues tracking different types of blogs that the students were supposed to post. The system considered all the blog posts to be of the same type, whereas there are two of them. We implemented this into the system so that the students are notified accordingly.

Our system now automatically archives the Github Pages at the end of every GSoC, yaay for the maintainers! Oh and finally, I added the support for codeblock in the blogs (this was really necessary :p). The suborg forms also have been improved now as some of the fields get disabled conditionally, so overall a better UX for users filling out the form.

Will be doing more stuff like this in the next week too!