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Weekly Check-In #4: Sixth Week

Published: 07/20/2021

Hi everyone! this weekly post could be quick because I didn't have much information to report, however, it is good to maintain the rhythm in blogging.

What did you do this week?

This week I didn't do PR's, my activities were focusing on refactoring the graphic interface lesson of the course, in the original course this lesson was implemented using the libraries tkinter and pygame, but these libraries don't work in runestone so I was searching the best way to implement using the new module of brython

What is coming up next?

I will finish this lesson and after that, focusing on finishing the MVC lesson to finish before the next sprint.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I didn't, but I needed to searched and understood the brython syntaxis before coding the new lesson structure.

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Post #3 : Not all is coding

Published: 07/13/2021

Hi again! This is my third blog post check out the previos. Also, it is the beginning of the 5th week of the GSoC, that is, the midpoint of my internship, the time passed so fast and it has been a great experience.

During the last week, I was mainly working on two things:

Reorganize my second milestone.

Since in my initial proposal, I established my second milestone using the component raw::HTML of Sphinx and I would create HTML forms to explain in the course PyZombis how MVC works, however, the Brython module was implemented by one of my teammates and now I can implement the lessons of MVC using it. With this module, we can implement and expand lessons and the whole course in general. You can check the new issues that were created here in my project on GitHub.

Code review of teammates' PR's

Not all is coding, in fact, I can sure that most of the time is the second thing that you do during a project, so in this sense make code reviews is a good practice since this maintains order at work, however, not only is code review valuable for this purpose, we use a git-flow from the beginning of the project and an important step is the process of code review each other.

These were my main activities and luckily I didn't have any struggle, however, I had to read the syntaxis and documentation of Brython, because I had to do it if I wanted to update my milestone correctly. This week I am going to work on my first set of issues in order to achieve my goals before finishing the third sprint. In addition, I am going to make the first review of my mentors, the required requirement by the GSoC. With nothing more to report, as Truman said...

See you Truma

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Weekly Check-In #3: Fourth Week

Published: 07/08/2021

Hi again! This is my fourth weekly check-in of my GSoC ‘21 internship in the Python Software Foundation, a little bit late I know but it will be the last time. If it is the first time reading one of my posts about my internship, you could get more information by checking the previous posts of the series.

The last week was finished the second sprint, in the meeting with all team discuss all achievements that we got and we planned how it will the next sprint, before the GSoC's first evaluation. The first evaluation is going to be next week, so this week is important to review all lessons and quizzes for any problems that may be found.

What did you do this week?

As I said in my second blog post I was working on finishing the lessons, this time I only made 2 PRs, but keep in mind that quantity is not meaning quality, so is still valuable if you made 1, 2 or 100 PR's, all is contribution.

What is coming up next?

I was writing this post and I figured out that all the PR's were successfully merged, so with this I finished my first milestone of the internship, so it is great.

Celebration michael scott

Now that I finished it with a week grace, as I said above I am going to review all the lessons and quizzes if I will found a problem I will make a PR to solve it in the meantime also I am going to reformulate my second milestone and the issues taking account the new Brython module created.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

For luck I didn't, I hope to maintain a rhythm like this for the rest of my internship, so see you soon.

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Post #2: It's better late than never

Published: 07/06/2021

Hi again! It's been some days since my last post. This post must have been posted last week, shame on me.

Despite that, it's better late than never. This is the second post of the series posts to my GSoC internship for the Python Software Foundation PSF, if you want to see more about what I am doing this summer check out the previous posts, and I hope that you enjoy them.

That week I was working on finishing the problems in the lessons as I said in the previous post. I didn't know the actual status of them, however, it turned out they didn't have so many problems, but with serious issues of indentation, and code styling. I had done 7 PR's and I want to announce that they have been successfully merged, but they were still waiting for the mentors' review last Monday, with those I just only needed to finish solving an issue to finish my first milestone of the summer before the first evaluation.

Almost close

Besides that, I forgot in my previous post to tell you that I applied to get a Twitter developer account because for the second milestone maybe it will be great to introduce an exercise using that API. The process was a little tedious since I had to respond to several questions regarding how and why I was going to use the Twitter API, explaining the specific details as much as I could. To summarize, if you want to get one, keep in mind the following inquiries that will be made to you:

  • The core use case, intent, or business purpose for your use of the Twitter APIs.
  • If you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content, share details about the analyses you plan to conduct, and the methods or techniques.
  • If your use involves Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking content, share how you’ll interact with Twitter accounts, or their content.
  • If you’ll display Twitter content off of Twitter, explain how, and where, Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed with your product or service, including whether Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed at row level, or aggregated.

After of responded to all these inquiries correctly, I received this email:

Twitter Developer Account

So I got my Twitter developer account successfully. I am using its API with a Postman collection. I struggled to get my access to the token, but I resolved with the docs page. I could get some tweets from my Twitter account, it was great. This experiment gave me an idea for an exercise to implement in the next milestone. I need to investigate more but I keep an eye on it.

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Weekly Check-In #2: Second Week

Published: 06/19/2021

Hi again! this is my second weekly check-in, you can check the previous one in the series.

The second week of my GSoC internship is finishing and the first sprint as well. In this weekly check-in, I've got the good announcement that my team and I have made great progress during our first sprint. However, there is still a lot of work to do, so let's keep going.

Good job meme

What did you do this week?

I continued work on the quizzes and I made 4 PRs, they are just waiting for the review of my mentors. This is great progress because, with these and the others ones that my teammate did, we have almost finished fixing and refactoring all the quizzes in the PyZombis course.

What is coming up next?

The next week I am going to start with the lessons. As far as I know, there aren't a lot of problems to resolves, however, I need to check out much deeper. I plan to finish all the lessons were assigned to me for the next week so wish me luck.

Good luck meme

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes indeed, as I said in my first post, at the beginning (check it here), I got stuck using the library playwright. Besides that, I had some conflict problems in a file, but I resolved it by doing rebase. It is very powerful and useful so keep it out there, like an ace up one's sleeve 🧏

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