Weekly Check-In #4

Published: 06/28/2021

✌, so we are nearing the half time now. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to participate in Summer of Code. What did I do this week? We now have a new shortcut for the Adobe XD plugin. The loading icon is also new now. We are using an EOS Icons now 🤘. What is coming up next? Finally the Figma PR is nearing completion now. We are on React plus Typescript. The initial version is ready. ESLint is being set up now along with Prettier to maintain the code quality. I am also planning on adding the tests to ensure new updates doesn't break anything. What challenges did I have? The first challenge was setting up eslint, typescript and making the code compliant. There were a lot of some issues and it did take significant time to complete it. I am really etching to make the PR now.