Weekly Check-In #5

Published: 07/05/2021

We are at the half way mark now. The good news is the Adobe XD plugin has been completed, and we looking forwards to publishing it now. I would go through the documentation to check for the required steps, but yes it would be my first complete contribution to open source. As suggested in the previous blogs, I have started working on the Figma plugin now. The initial PR to migration has been up in the repo. I have added ESLint and prettier to it to maintain the coding standards. The next step would be to add Github CI for the same. I have been looking into converting the html files into React to make it more consistent with the Adobe XD plugin in terms of the features and UI/UX. I would be migrating the UI to React in the coming week and also look through the documentation to get the Adobe XD plugin published. Adding eslint to the Figma repo was a bit difficult, as it was using a lot of global variables. It took some time to figure this out and write the updated code. And the hard work finally paid off, and the pr is there now waiting to be reviewed :).