Weekly Check-In #6

Published: 07/12/2021

Hi everyone, This week we had the first v1 for the Figma plugin. The tools for formatting were already there with ESLint and Prettier, and this week we also got the FIgma implementation. UI wise it is still in nascent phase and only allows searching exact strings, and viewing the result. We have better v2 ideas for it. The options would show up at the front, everything would be divided by categories and more options with outlined and size. I have also added github workflows for the file to run builds on every PR.

Adobe XD

The next plans for Adobe XD is to use the v2 APIs from the backend, and improve the UI. I have plans to add a lot of choices for it, and would push a PR in the coming weeks to implement it. We had the chat about publishing of the library, and have gone through the required documentation to implement it. The builds and publishing process would be taken care by the mentors and we would have the Adobe XD extension for use by everyone.

Next Steps

The next steps would be to include the EOS-Icons package in the repository to better implement the UI and not reinvent the wheel. I am really excited about the v2 UIs. Hoping to implement it soon :).