Weekly Check-In #7

Published: 07/19/2021

I passed the first evaluation 🎉.
What have you done this week?
This week has been pretty interesting from the improvements point of view. We have updated the UI and now you can search through filters, categories, prefetched svgs and themes in addition to the text. There has been a lot of preprocessing and the theme works offline now. No need to wait for your slow internet to load the data.
What is coming up next?
We would be doing the same on the FIgma plugin as well, and include more features, and a better UI. Waiting for an interesting week ahead.
Any issues you faced this week
This week went really smooth, pushed by the excitement of the new UI. I faced some initial issues with loading the EOS Icons react package, but it got figured out finally with a bit of help from the mentors and reading a lot of documentation :).