Weekly Check-In #8

Published: 07/26/2021

Figma revamp

This week was spent in more reading than actual coding. I went through the Figma documentation trying to understand stuff better. I am currently in the process of overhauling the Figma UI. We would be revamping it, trying to make it at par with the current Adobe extension. I have added the scripts to integrate the EOS Icons package inside the repo, and the options json. This would lead to a quicker completion of the Figma revamp. I also went through the various options available for the adding the stylesheets for Figma. The Figma structure is a bit more lenient than the Adobe one, so hopefully everything would be sorted quickly. The initial work and structure of the revamp has been completed, and I would be finalizing the CSS changes and pushing a PR for the same in the coming days.

Adobe updates

I incoporated the feedback given by the mentors on the UI, and the UI looks neater now with a bit more of visual feedback for the options available. I added labels to the various input fields, improved the codebase a bit, and also added a basic modal to tell the user that the image has been copied over. I have been studying a bit about implementing tests with Jest, test runner. We figured out it would not be possible to add integration tests to it, as it depends on some of the inbuilt APIs from Adobe, but we would be writing unit tests for the various functions present. I have gone through the documentation and would be pushing the PR shortly with the changes.