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Weekly Check-In: Week 3

Published: 06/14/2020

Make sure to check out Project FURY : https://github.com/fury-gl/fury

Hey ! 
This week, Raymarching!

What did I do this week

This was an exciting week as i got to learn and implement the ray marching algorithm in the FURY repo. In the weekly meeting, the mentors suggested adding support for SDF modelled actors as an alternative to the existing FURY actors. After going through a few implementations of ray marching in GLSL, i proceeded with the implementation in VTK. After being able to render a torus , the next logical step was to add support for multiple actors in the same window. The below render shows support for multiple SDF actors :

The code for the above render is available at the branch : https://github.com/lenixlobo/fury/tree/SDF-Experiments  

What's coming up next

In the above output, there is some deformation in some of the cubes, The next step is to get rid of this deformation .
Also i will be working on adding lighting within the shaders for a slightly more realistic experience.

Did I get stuck anywhere

Going through and understanding theVTK documentation was quite a challenging task, however whenever i was confused the doubts were immediately cleared by the mentors

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Weekly Check-In: Week 2

Published: 06/07/2020

<meta charset="utf-8">Project FURY https://github.com/fury-gl/fury

Hey everyone!

This week : Geometry Shaders!

What did I do this week

To get a better understanding of the working of the shader pipeline, the mentors assigned me a challenging task of implementing a Dynamic Texture. The basic idea is to create a 'volumetric' texture by stacking layer of textures. Such an example is an ideal use case for a geometry shader. Since i had not much prior experience with Geometry shaders before, i spent the initial days going through existing implementations of similar ideas in OpenGL/DirectX.  
After working on the code, the final image rendered is given below. 

I created a PR for the fur texture which is available at https://github.com/lenixlobo/fury/blob/Dynamic-Texture/docs/experimental/viz_dynamictex.py.


What's coming up next

The current PR has some minor bugs which need to be fixed. The next step would be to review the code and find the solutions for the bugs. Also we are looking into ideas on optimization for faster rendering time.

The next week will be spent looking into ray marching algorithms and adding them to the current code base as possible alternatives for FURY Actor primitives.

Did I get stuck anywhere

Nothing major.


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GSoC Blog :  Week 1

Published: 05/30/2020

Project FURY : https://github.com/fury-gl/fury
Hey everyone!
This is my blog for this summer’s GSoC @ PSF
I am Lenix Lobo, an undergraduate student from India, and this summer I will be working with project Fury under the umbrella of the Python Software foundation. I will be working on improving the current shader framework.

What did you do during the community bonding period?

Since most of the places including my university are closed due to the pandemic outbreak, I decided to get a head start and start with the project early. During the community bonding period, I had video conference meetings with my mentors scheduled every week on Wednesday. During these meetings i interacted with the mentors to have a coherent understanding of how the project design and implementation will be managed over the course of the entire period. 
Since my project involves a lot of theoretical understanding of concepts such as ray marching, I spent the period going through the theory of each topic.This week also involved going through the documentation for shaders used in VTK. 

What is coming up next ?
The next task assigned to me is to go through the theory of geometry shaders and to create a example using the same. 

Did you get stuck anywhere?
Since, some of the documentation on VTK shaders was not upto date, i had to go through example implementations to understand the nomenclature of variables and their respective usage.

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