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Week 2 Wrap up!

Published: 06/13/2019

What was my assigned task?

As I was working on adding linear regression model to dffml, as a subtask for week 2, I had to complete the implementation of the model so that I can work on saving and loading as well as testing the subsequent week.

Did I complete it? Was it according to my proposal?

I did complete my assigned task but it wasn't according to my proposal. I had to complete OLSR by week two according to my proposal but after a prior discussion with my mentor about how we need a new "new model tutorial" in the docs so that new contributors can understand the whole procedure, I implemented OLSR from scratch and will have to work on extensive documentation.

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Read, Code, StackOverflow, Commit, Repeat

Published: 06/03/2019

Having been assigned a task that sometimes feels tough really pushes you to learn more. I have been assigned such a task and believe me, I feel lost after every few minutes. Working with newer things like context management, machine learning models etc, I spend most of my time learning new stuff rather than coding and its been amazing. I have learnt so much that I couldn't have imagined throughout my summers. I guess week 2 is going to be filled with more of code part rather than learning.

One more thing that I felt was awesome, is having conversations with people. I have had amazing conversations with my mentor as well as other co-students and all of them are so helpful and understanding. GSoC till now has been an amazing experience in every way.

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Getting Started with GSoC'19 Project!

Published: 05/29/2019

As the community bonding period ended recently, I started working on my selected project for GSoC but who knew that working on a project, which is out of your comfortable domain will be this demanding.

I was intrigued by the idea of DFFML. Before GSoC, I worked on sources (a part of DFFML that deals with data sources), but that work was rendered complete with the help of my mentor and another fellow student. It required knowledge of basic python and testing. So now for GSoC'19, I had to think of a new project. After a meeting with my mentor, he suggested me to work on adding machine learning models to DFFML, but machine learning was way out of my knowledge boundaries. But then, I stumbled upon an article about how GSoC helps you learn new things not implement what you already are well versed with. So I prepared a proposal and refined it with my mentor.

After getting selected I knew, I had a lot of work to do. I started from async functions and refined my python knowledge, then my college exams started that lead to a little break. But during the exams I had a meeting with my mentor to decide the checkpoints and he was super helpful and supportive for the project. After the exams ended (the current period) I am working on libraries like numpy, pandas and have a goal of implementing linear regression from scratch.


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