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Weekly check-in #1 06/03/19

Published: 06/03/2019

Hello and welcome to my first weekly check-in blog.

What did you do this week?
This was my first week of work after the official coding started. I discussed with my mentors more about what exactly needs to be done, then I started with the webpage. I am working on EOS-icons landing page right now, this is a part of EOS Design system but it needs to be separated in a sense that it needs more attention and that's why it needs its separate landing page from where icons can be accessed.

So, I started my work by creating an initial wireframe for the webpage. Then I shared with my mentors and they have given a lot of feedback on it. Now I need to work on the feedback and improve the design accordingly.

What is coming up next?
First of all, I need to check those issues that mentors mentioned and resolve them. We are going to have a meeting this Wednesday, we will discuss what needs to be done after this part of the work is completed.

Did you get stuck anywhere?
Not particularly. Since this week was mostly about wireframing therefore I was having a hard time figuring out the structure and layout of the EOS-icons webpage. Other than this I had a great time.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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First Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 05/28/2019

Hi everyone. I am Abhinandan Sharma, an undergraduate Computer Science student from India. This summer I am working with EOS Design System (Python Sub-Org).

I am posting this Blog on 28 May. Community bonding period is already over. In the community bonding period, I had meetings with my mentors, it was fun. Also, I learned how Scrum works, we are going to use scrum for our work during this summer. We have hangout meetings every week where we discuss how we will proceed further. Yesterday coding started officially. I have started the first part of my project. The first part of my project(Before first evaluation) mainly includes Designing prototypes on Adobe XD. I need to come up with fresh Ideas and Design a Website from Scratch. This will be an Icons Website for EOS Design system.

Currently, I am looking over best Icons websites like Streamlineicons.com, etc for better Ideas on Icons website. It's kind of going nuts right now. I am loving my part of the work.

I think that's it for now. I will explain the rest when I start doing it. More blogs coming soon.

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