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Weekly Check-In #7

Published: 07/19/2021

I passed the first evaluation 🎉.
What have you done this week?
This week has been pretty interesting from the improvements point of view. We have updated the UI and now you can search through filters, categories, prefetched svgs and themes in addition to the text. There has been a lot of preprocessing and the theme works offline now. No need to wait for your slow internet to load the data.
What is coming up next?
We would be doing the same on the FIgma plugin as well, and include more features, and a better UI. Waiting for an interesting week ahead.
Any issues you faced this week
This week went really smooth, pushed by the excitement of the new UI. I faced some initial issues with loading the EOS Icons react package, but it got figured out finally with a bit of help from the mentors and reading a lot of documentation :).
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Weekly Check-In #6

Published: 07/12/2021

Hi everyone, This week we had the first v1 for the Figma plugin. The tools for formatting were already there with ESLint and Prettier, and this week we also got the FIgma implementation. UI wise it is still in nascent phase and only allows searching exact strings, and viewing the result. We have better v2 ideas for it. The options would show up at the front, everything would be divided by categories and more options with outlined and size. I have also added github workflows for the file to run builds on every PR.

Adobe XD

The next plans for Adobe XD is to use the v2 APIs from the backend, and improve the UI. I have plans to add a lot of choices for it, and would push a PR in the coming weeks to implement it. We had the chat about publishing of the library, and have gone through the required documentation to implement it. The builds and publishing process would be taken care by the mentors and we would have the Adobe XD extension for use by everyone.

Next Steps

The next steps would be to include the EOS-Icons package in the repository to better implement the UI and not reinvent the wheel. I am really excited about the v2 UIs. Hoping to implement it soon :).
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Weekly Check-In #5

Published: 07/05/2021

We are at the half way mark now. The good news is the Adobe XD plugin has been completed, and we looking forwards to publishing it now. I would go through the documentation to check for the required steps, but yes it would be my first complete contribution to open source. As suggested in the previous blogs, I have started working on the Figma plugin now. The initial PR to migration has been up in the repo. I have added ESLint and prettier to it to maintain the coding standards. The next step would be to add Github CI for the same. I have been looking into converting the html files into React to make it more consistent with the Adobe XD plugin in terms of the features and UI/UX. I would be migrating the UI to React in the coming week and also look through the documentation to get the Adobe XD plugin published. Adding eslint to the Figma repo was a bit difficult, as it was using a lot of global variables. It took some time to figure this out and write the updated code. And the hard work finally paid off, and the pr is there now waiting to be reviewed :).
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Weekly Check-In #4

Published: 06/28/2021

✌, so we are nearing the half time now. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to participate in Summer of Code. What did I do this week? We now have a new shortcut for the Adobe XD plugin. The loading icon is also new now. We are using an EOS Icons now 🤘. What is coming up next? Finally the Figma PR is nearing completion now. We are on React plus Typescript. The initial version is ready. ESLint is being set up now along with Prettier to maintain the code quality. I am also planning on adding the tests to ensure new updates doesn't break anything. What challenges did I have? The first challenge was setting up eslint, typescript and making the code compliant. There were a lot of some issues and it did take significant time to complete it. I am really etching to make the PR now.
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Weekly Check-In #3

Published: 06/24/2021

This week, my first PR post GSOC got merged :tada: . I implemented Babel in the repo to add import export syntax than the original require syntax. This brought a bit more consistency in the syntax across the org repos. There is a new UI for the plugin now. I have been working on migrating the Figma plugin for the EOS Icons to React. The original implementation is in html and JS. This would allow a bit more customizations, and stylings. The plugin would be moved to Typescript :tada: and react (tsx, I am waiting..), What is coming next? The figma plugin is coming some. The initial react structure is done, and only few bugs remain. I would try to squash them as soon as possible, and a new plugin awaits Figma. Did you face any issues? Yes, I got a bit confused with the figma APIs. I had to go through the documentation a bit more, but was finally able to get some sense out of it.
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